Well this looks like a good place where information on all things Everquest can be found. I am going to encourage the Guild members to check it out so they can all stay informed. 

A little about New Horizons. We formed the guild in late Feburary of 2014 from a splinter group of players from another guild. We were tired of no one being on-line and never having any fun as a group. We are a pretty close knit group and usually have 8-10 toons on at one time. We consist of both veteran and new players and enjoy crafting and questing and looking for the Guk Guide quests. Yes we do our adventure and crafting writs but not to the point where in becomes a "GRIND". We play the game to relax, have some fun and enjoy each others company not power level our guild to 95 in an unending monatany of writs. We have a teir 1 GH but it is a jewel so if you get some time stop in and visit. It located on the GUK server in Gorowyn ( New Horizons ) thanks for reading

EQ2 000317

our GH Aquarium

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