SOE players are some of the most dedicated, emotionally invested players in any virtual world. For the first time, you have opportunity to create parts of our world by designing new in-game items.

Player Studio™ is a new program that invites (initially US-based) players to download sample geometry, learn how virtual items are constructed, and try designing items. You can try your hand at writing a creative name, item description, and rationale for how it fits into the ongoing narrative storyline.

How to Get StartedEdit

General Texture/UV guidelinesEdit

  • Please submit all geometry files in OBJ format and all texture maps in TGA format.
  • Every OBJ file should have its own texture map.
  • All texture maps must be in 24-bit TGA with no Alpha channel.
  • OBJ supports only 1 UV set. Therefore, additional detail which might normally be stored on a different UV set (like grime, etc) should be painted into the textures if needed.
  • Do not paint-in heavy shadowing. The normal map should expose the primary relief across surfaces.
  • Spec maps should generally convey more of a semi-gloss or matte look. Near white is used sparingly.
  • Mirrored UVs are acceptable and even encouraged for house items given the 1 material limit.
  • Please double-check that UVs are within 0-1 UV space before submission.

Game guidelinesEdit

Please refer to each game's website for details on item submission. Instructions vary by game.

For more information visit the official Player Studio website .