• Goregutts

    Yea well today i entered a contest for that cloak i've been wanting (Festival of the Bloodmoon Cloak) i entered a Haiku contest it was set at 5-7-5 lol and let me tell you these fucking people dont even know there own history ..i didnt even place in the top 3..and the only thing everyone talked about was blood..death..guts..darkness and ALL HAIL THE TEIR"DAL!!!  Plain out BS i tell ya all it is is a popularity contest.and people hate me..i think its because my pockets are deep and i can pretty much have whatever i want in the game..i am very well connected with the top players from the top raiding guilds..well any way..heres my Haiku                                                                                                            …

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  • Harkenwonder


    March 31, 2014 by Harkenwonder

    Winning is not always about luck :)

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  • Niamh1971

    It's been 15 years?

    March 27, 2014 by Niamh1971

    Good grief, 15 years since I first discovered EQ. It's been a while!

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  • Anat33710

    Queen Antonia Bayle: If you are reading this then I humble request your assistance in obtaining one of these valuable items; additionally, ignore the second part of this note.

    Sir Lucan D'Lere: First, please ignore the first part. You know I am truly loyal to you. To thank me for being loyal to you and Freeport you can provide me with a gift should you so desire. I would gladly slaughter one hundred residents of your choice (traitors of Freeport; loyal citizens to Qeynos).


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  • SamKat55


    March 27, 2014 by SamKat55

    Pick me!!

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  • Nefreit


    March 27, 2014 by Nefreit
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  • Nastri


    March 26, 2014 by Nastri

    My first blog post on the new Everquest Wikia... yaa! LFM... Heals and DPS on Unrest.

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  • Ncastro2nd

    Sweet website

    March 26, 2014 by Ncastro2nd

    Love the new website

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  • Taliwacker


    March 24, 2014 by Taliwacker

    hello world

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  • Phaqall

    I made it !! I am here!! I will ruin your lands as I ruined mine !!

    MUHAHAHAHAHA*cough* Hahahaha.........

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  • Lindaani

    new stuff

    March 23, 2014 by Lindaani

    I am excited to see what's coming down the line for everquest!

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  • Alberto215

    EQ Redux

    March 23, 2014 by Alberto215

    After so many years away from EQ, I have returned to the world in which my sons and I played.  I wonder what adventures await?  Oh and I hope I win an expansion pack. :)

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  • Friggawitch


    Well this looks like a good place where information on all things Everquest can be found. I am going to encourage the Guild members to check it out so they can all stay informed. 

    A little about New Horizons. We formed the guild in late Feburary of 2014 from a splinter group of players from another guild. We were tired of no one being on-line and never having any fun as a group. We are a pretty close knit group and usually have 8-10 toons on at one time. We consist of both veteran and new players and enjoy crafting and questing and looking for the Guk Guide quests. Yes we do our adventure and crafting writs but not to the point where in becomes a "GRIND". We play the game to relax, have some fun and enjoy each others company not p…

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  • Dhominatrix

    Rok on EQII

    March 22, 2014 by Dhominatrix

    It just DOESN'T get any better than EQII & anticipate Landmark/Next will make a liar outta this statement! LOL

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  • Thelements

    To the future!

    March 22, 2014 by Thelements

    Love EQ in all incarnations.

    I'm in your world now.

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  • Colleenn

    hello hello

    March 22, 2014 by Colleenn

    I'd love to win

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  • Khimyra

    Happy Times

    March 22, 2014 by Khimyra

    I've been playing EQ since the first.  Played across all the versions of the game, been on countless betas and almost always had a lot of fun.  It has been neat to see how the game has changed and how many others have tried (and often failed) to copy the success.

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  • Oltimitsu

    I started playing EQ early on, and so look forward to EQ Next.  Good luck to the EQ Team and see you all in Norath. And the sweepstake is an excellent idea.

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  • Willsapper

    Everquest has continued to provide fun and enterainment to many people. Adventure over a massive world that I will not soon forget.Coming up with EQN-Landmark and EQN, we have a new age of everquest that shall shine as a beacon of raw Adventure.

    It is good to see that SoE and the devs understood that naming it EverQuest 3 would of only caused people to expect more of the same. The title Everquest Next brings unlimited possiblity to what is in store for the fans of the Everquest worlds and lore.

    Thanks SoE and their hard working Dev teams!

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  • Jerry.perkins

    Looking forward to another 15 years.

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  • Surledwarf


    March 21, 2014 by Surledwarf


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  • Hazrd


    March 21, 2014 by Hazrd

    wanna win

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  • Светище


    March 20, 2014 by Светище

    EQII happy birthday! Wish you long years of successful existence and prosperity!

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  • Raylan13


    2. Promotion Description.

    The EverQuest 15th Anniversary Sweepstakes (the “Promotion") is a sweepstakes promotion where individuals who register an account with Wikia, Inc. and leave a comment on the Promotion page will be eligible to be randomly selected from all eligible entries. Entries completed from 12:01 on March 17, 2014 to 23:59 on March 31, 2014 (the “Promotion Period”) will be eligible to win one (1) of twenty-five (25) codes.

    Twenty-five (25) winners will win one (1) of the following:

    • Ten (10) winners
      • A code for the most recent expansion for the original EverQuest, which includes access to the live game (EverQuest: Call of the Forsaken).
    • Ten (10) winners
      • A code for the most recent expans…
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  • Raylan13

    To celebrate the 15th anniversary of the EverQuest franchise, Sony Online Entertainment and Wikia are excited to team up and welcome fans new and old into the world of Norrath. To that end, we're giving away codes for EverQuest: Call of the Forsaken, EverQuest II: Tears of Veeshan, and EverQuest Next Landmark. Since 1999, EverQuest has provided the brave and intrepid the grounds for countless adventures. Now 15 years later, on the eve of EverQuest Next and Landmark, it continues to inspire players in all new ways. Enter now for your ticket to adventure!

    April 1st Update

    The Sweepstakes is now over! Thanks to everyone who entered and congratulations to the following winners:

    Collectors Edition of EverQuest: Call of the Forsaken Update to prizin…

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  • Yaviey

    We've recently been over a number of important topics related to Wikia such as communicating, creating a page, and more. But one of the most important topics is how to protect yourself and your work on Wikia, by getting help dealing with harassment, spam, copyright infringement, etc. Of course we hope that you never come across anything of the sort, but it’s important to know the best steps to take so that we can make everyone’s Wikia experience enjoyable.


    Harassment is a serious issue and one that is not taken lightly here at SOE. Harassment can come in the form of taunting, abusive words, offensive images, threats, etc. If another user is doing this to you or anyone else, please report the behavior via e-mail to jbridges@soe.son…

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  • Yaviey

    It's been over a month now and we’ve taken you through lots of great tips and tricks on Wikia, such as how to edit a Wikia page, create a new page, add multimedia, communicate, and more. Today we’re here to show you how to better organize the content on a Wikia so that other users can find it easier.

    Why Organize?

    You know that junk drawer in your house that you keep everything in? Then when you need to find something you practically have to pour it out and scour through the entire mess to find what you’re looking for? That's exactly what a Wikia can be like if it's not organized.

    About Categories

    Categories serve as tags for Wikia content. For instance, a page about a sword or gun should have the categories "weapons" in addition to more speci…

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  • Yaviey

    For the past four weeks we've shown you all sorts of great tips and tricks on how to get the most out of your Wikia experience. We've shown you how to edit a Wikia page, create a new page, add multimedia, and more. Today we're here to show you one of the most important tasks of all – how to communicate!

    Why Communicate?

    There are many reasons why you will find it useful to communicate with other Wikia users on a Wikia. For instance, you may want a new page you just created added to the top navigation, and in order to do that, you would need to ask an administrator to add it for you. (You can do this by asking them on their Talk Page.) Another example is when you find a page on a particular topic and want to know more information. Making a po…

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  • Yaviey

    We've almost had one full month of Wikia Wednesdays! Last week we showed you how to create a Wikia page on one of SOE's official Wikias. Today we're here to show you how to add multimedia to a page on your favorite SOE Wikia!

    Why Add Multimedia to a Wikia?

    Have you ever heard the expression, "a picture is worth a thousand words?" In the world of the Internet, this saying couldn’t be truer. Our eyes naturally gravitate towards content that is rich with images and videos, so it's important that these are found on Wikia, too! Multimedia makes the pages more engaging and personable. It can also be even more helpful to a user when there are images of NPCs, maps, etc. Additionally, it's very useful for mobile Wikia users so they don't just see a w…

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  • Yaviey

    Did you know? SOE has 11 official Wikias for your favorite games! Isn’t it about time you learned how to use them? Last week we showed you how to edit a Wikia page. Today we’re here to show you how to add a new page to your favorite SOE Wikia!

    Why Create a New Page?

    Going through your favorite game’s official Wikia, you may find that some information is missing. For instance, you may find that an NPC for a quest or even data on a specific favorite weapon is not listed. You have the power to change that! After all, most of the content on a Wikia is supplied by contributors just like you.

    How to Create a New Page

    Don’t worry; adding a new Wikia page is really easy! Just append the new page name you’d like to create after /wiki/ in the URL. Examp…

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  • Yaviey

    Did you know? SOE has 11 official Wikias for your favorite games! Isn’t it about time you learned how to use them? Today we’re here to show you how to edit a page on your favorite SOE Wikia!

    Why Edit?

    You've almost certainly been there – you hop on a wiki to look up how to complete a quest or mission and you find it…only to realize that the information is out of date. Luckily you figure out the quest yourself – now YOU have the power to help make someone else’s experience better!

    There are many important reasons you will want to edit pages on a Wikia. For instance, you may see incorrect spelling, bad grammar, strange formatting, or just plain wrong information. Since Wikias are a community effort, it takes all of us working together to make s…

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  • Yaviey

    Introducing Wikia Wednesday

    October 2, 2013 by Yaviey

    You’ve probably heard Wikias mentioned on a number of SOE games, but you may still be wondering – what is a Wikia? Wikias are an amazing player resource, a place to connect with fellow players and your community managers, and more! Each week we’ll bring you tips and tricks so that you can get the most out of the Wikias. This week, we’re giving you a run-down of what a Wikia is with a basic introduction.

    Did you know?

    SOE has 11 official Wikias for your favorite games! In 2012 we partnered with Wikia to bring players a new way to enjoy our games – with an online, living strategy guide that everyone can edit and use. We have converted several previously existing player Wikias into official communities. We’ve also built some from the ground up.


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  • Yaviey

    We started this portal as a way to bring together the peoples of Norrath. Although the worlds of EverQuest, EverQuest II, and EverQuest Next are quite different from each other, they share many common bounds – namely YOU. The EverQuester who’s been playing for 13+ years, the tradeskiller who wants to help others, the avid lore hound who wants to know how each game is linked together, the artist who wants to show the world renderings of their epic character – it’s all for you.

    This new portal site will allow us achieve something we’ve not been easily able to do before – bring together official content alongside fan sites, fan art, fan fiction, and unite a common brand. Right now it points you to each of our official Wikia communities, but ve…

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